Our History

It’s hard to believe now but less than three decades ago, linen was completely unknown to India. When we came across the fabric in Europe, we instantaneously saw it’s potential to revolutionize the Indian market. We realized that it’s texture, breathability, sophisticated appearance, anti-fungal property and high moisture absorbing capacity would strongly appeal to the discerning Indian customer.

Following this instinct, we became one of the first manufacturers in India to weave linen fabrics. We still had to learn how to match the quality of the European weavers, create awareness among the consumers and develop a whole new market for this fabric but that didn’t deter us. We believed that in a tropical country filled with consumers that have an appreciation for fine textiles, we could popularize this fabric.

In order to do so, we launched “Linen Fiesta”, a brand has become synonymous with the finest quality of linen fabrics today and the rest is history.

What makes us unique?

Raw Material

We only buy the highest quality of flax fibers grown in France and Belgium. All of the fibers used in our fabrics can be traced back to Western Europe. In fact, we have been recognized for our efforts in promoting European Linen by being invited to become a member of CELC, the official European agro-industrial organization federating all the stages of production and transformation for linen & hemp. We are one out of only two companies in India that have been given the privilege of this membership.


  • Our Linen fabrics are produced at our state-of-the-art plants in Vapi and maintain a stock over 300 SKUs of basic that are never out of stock.
  • We are one of the only companies in India to offer fabrics woven using 150 lea, the finest linen yarn being spun in the world..
  • We are the pioneers in weaving 100% Linen Jacquards on high speed looms.
  • We have yarn dyeing, space dyeing and fabric printing facilities in-house.

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Our in-house design studio in Mumbai creates innovative and fashion forward designs for both Shirting and Jacketing fabrics. They stay updated with the latest trends in the market by hosting conferences, making field trips and actively participating in various design-related organizations. They also interact directly with the production teams and personally visit the factories regularly to understand our production capabilities and figure out ways to expand them. Their efforts allow us to introduce 3,000+ new designs every year.


We found that a there’s a large segment of Indian consumers that prefer custom fit and designed clothes made by their local tailors with their input on patterns, prints, textures and construction. To cater to this segment, Linen Fiesta sells through it’s Pan-India Dealer network at all the leading fabric stores in the country. Our presence is spread across the big cities as well as the smaller towns in all major states. We have a footprint of over 1000+ retail outlets.